Thursday, February 22, 2007

February sickness!

Sorry I have been lazy about posting!! My Daughter was accepted at Art School, got all of her paperwork done, and now the sadness sets in!! I know they have to leave my house and have their own lives, but it happens way to fast for me!! We have been hit with the flu here so not much done creatively. I did happen to list a tiny witch on ebay and am working on a Funky Sculpture that will be listed hopefully in March.

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Sam I Am said...

awwwwww sugar...
hang in there...sending lotsa hugs your way :(
i know.. when i was a 'young mom'..i always thought of the day they would all be adults..and be out on their own..and tim and i could have our 'lives' back .
Now that i am an 'older mom'.. i soooo wish i could push the 'pause' button ..slow down time a bit.. and just keep snugglin' with them...

sorry to hear the flubug has bitten.. rest up..drink lots of fluids.. keep warm..

Now hurry and finish your funky art..and show us!!! :)


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