Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ghoultide Gathering!

WoW!! Back from the Michigan Halloween Show "Ghoutide Gathering"!! What A great Gathering of Artists and collectors!! I am happy to say I came home with very few pieces and several new friends! On One side of me Debra Schoch of HopHopJingleBoo On the Other Scott Smith of Rucus Studio So you can imagine how in awe I was!! They are both fabulous artists and their pieces are unbelievable!! They were both so nice!! The people were lined up before 8 am, and by 9:30 I had sold a big chunk of my inventory! Across the way sat Pat Murphy and her husband, I have long admired her bears and they are so much better up close!! also across from me was Vaughn and Stephanie Rawson of the Whimsical Whittler Their Halloween carvings were phenominal!! I also met Carolee Clark of King of Mice studios Her paintings were fabulous and flying from her diplay!! Paul Gordon was also there with his magical pieces!! He was a hoot! I met so many other Artist and collectors! I apologize if I haven't mentioned you!! It was a wonderful gathering and I am looking forward to next years show!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"Halloween in June"

Finally I have a new Witch that will be listed on PFATT Marketplace. We Are All Offering Halloween Goodies this month! I have been working on some Altered Art and Collage pieces. I don't know about other Artists but when I step out of my box and try something new it takes awhile to share!! When I get up the courage I will list them.... here is a peek!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sorry I am a BAD Blogger!!

Sorry I know it has been months since I have updated!! I am really bad at this, I get busy, start a hundred projects, run to all of the activities my kids are involved in and never seem finish anything these days!! Well my Daughter graduated from high school, my oldest Son moved home from college for the summer and my other two Sons are over scheduled for the next three months!! How does everyone do it??
Anyway, I am still working on some Sketches for the show in Michigan, and hopefully getting my piece done for the June pfatt marketplace.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Scholarships and upcoming events

Well Good news on the college search!! Abbey was offered a huge scholarship to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art And Design) and so that is where she will hang her hat next year!! This is the same college that her brother attends, so whether he likes it or not he will have his little sister underfoot once again! It is a huge relief to have that decision made and all the paperwork processed.
I have decided to participate in a fabulous new Halloween Show, Ghoultide Gatherings!! I am so Excited and am getting sketches done and a schedule made so I can have enough pieces done for that show plus FolkWorks Gallery Halloween show! Here is the link to these websites:

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Abbeys Senior Pictures

I decided to save a little money on senior pictures for Abbey and took them myself. With the quality of digital cameras and photo editing programs anyone can do it! I found a great site online to print the pictures and they have an active forum over there with photography tips and tricks.
We are in the middle of a glorious snowstorm here!! I love this weather!! the best time to lock myself in my studio and sculpt, no interuptions!! I am working on a mixed media piece that involves a metal witch hat looking thing(found in the farm machinery graveyard), and 8 sculpted paperclay Witches. I am taking work-in-progress pictures. here is the first!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

February sickness!

Sorry I have been lazy about posting!! My Daughter was accepted at Art School, got all of her paperwork done, and now the sadness sets in!! I know they have to leave my house and have their own lives, but it happens way to fast for me!! We have been hit with the flu here so not much done creatively. I did happen to list a tiny witch on ebay and am working on a Funky Sculpture that will be listed hopefully in March.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good Morning All!
Hopefully today I can get my Halloween Shadow/Shrine box pictures uploaded to the PFATT Marketplace, which comes out on the tenth. I am working on some painted Dress Halloween Hags for ebay and packing bags for a trip to Mpls/st. Paul. My Daughter submits her portfolio tommorrow for Art School and we have several other schools to check out! I am nervous for her, but excited! My Son attends the same Art school and really loves it. So Wish her luck on her critique! I will let you all know how she does!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Ground Hogs Day

For years I have tried to launch a website, had good intentions, but just never finished one and never had any of my art available for sale. Between the pieces I send to FolkWorks Gallery, Ebay, and now starting this month Pfatt Marketplace, I have never have enough to list on a website!! Someone suggested blogging as an alternative, and here we are!! I am really excited about being a part of Pfatt and all of the fun those wacky gals have! I am a member of an Ebay group, Ehag (Eclectic Halloween Artists Group) a Great Group of Halloween artists. I am also planning ahead and contemplating being a part of a Fabulous New Halloween Show near Detroit Mich. Details later!


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